Welcome to my Internet Cellar

Hello, guys! I welcome you to my current and improved internet cellar. In 2011, as a teenager, I decided to move it to a website of my own to continue growing in this area that I love so much, and I started in the world of blogs with my previous personal blog, already mentioned above, and since then I have been interested and shared many things through it. This new year, I wanted to go a little further and be able to prove myself in many aspects of my life, I wanted to change and improve even more, so, after much thought, I decided to create this new personal blog where I want to share this new phase that starts for me.

What is this personal blog about?

As an excellent personal blog, here I will share a little and a lot about all my old, current, and future interests, as well as you will be able to know my way of thinking, believing, and acting. So we can share, starting today, a lot of exciting and sure to love topics.

I will not focus on a specific issue: it is something that goes against my nature. But most of them can be classified into three major areas: Culture, Technology, and personnel, seen from the broader point of view. Perhaps one entry is not as interesting as the previous one for its subject, but surely another one appears later to give continuity to the first one. Among the main content that I will be sharing with you are my favorite pastimes, which are reading, writing and drawing, but I will also share tutorials, DIY’s, challenges, curiosities and much more. To be more clear, I will list the main topics that I will publish and enjoy on this blog.

  1. Creativity

This covers everything that is creative and artistic. You will be able to see, mainly, things done by me that I share for everyone’s enjoyment. In this category, you will see drawings, designs, crafts, photographs, literary texts (poems, stories, etc.), resources (to edit, decorate your blogs and printable), tutorials, DIYs and much more.

  1. Review

I will not hesitate to share interesting books, Western and eastern novels, manga, comics, anime, series, movies, everything I see and read, along with my sincere opinion of what I thought and whether I would recommend it or not. So for those who are always looking for something interesting to see or read, this section will be attractive.

  1. Challenge

Because I love to test, learn, and enjoy along with others the things I like, I will be participating in different problems. So I will publish on this personal blog. My advances in problems that I propose, whether created by me or found on other websites. So if you have a problem, I hope you don’t hesitate to share it with me.

  1. Variety

Also, since my tastes are very extensive, I will be sharing different kinds of things that attract my attention, which makes me very curious and that makes me feel very much like sharing them with you. I would like to give you lots of details on these topics, but I feel it is something that will grow over time, so today I could assure you curiosities, projects, tags, prizes, draws, events, among others.