My Hobbies

Why is it essential to have a hobby?

Is there anything you love doing? Any activity you enjoy doing, in which you could invest hours and hours without getting tired? Some like music, listen to it or compose it; others love Star Wars movies; some fill their house with crafts, each more original than the previous one, some collect stamps, others love some sport, and others spend hours with.

There will be people who think that with some of these activities mentioned above, the only thing that is done is “wasting time”; also sometimes they can be confused with leisure activities and free time; but in reality a hobby goes far beyond an entertainment and is done by vocation, being able to become that “lifesaver” that frees us from fatigue and routine, and helps us improve our physical and mental health.

There are recent studies that say that the hobbies or hobbies help people to disconnect from the daily routine, significantly reducing the impact of some disorders pervasive today, such as stress, sedentary lifestyles, loneliness, or isolation, among others (as a result of a pace of life very common and prevalent in our society today), contributing to improve the well-being of the people who practice it.

There are many kinds of hobbies: they can be artistic, sporting or even scientific, there are also outdoors, for teamwork or in solitude. Some may even, in addition to entertaining, favor having an agile and active mind and body.

Blogging: Hobby or profession

For many people being a blogger can be synonymous with hobbies or hobbies, a fun way to entertain themselves healthily by sharing information, knowledge, and even doubts about life. It is because of this feature that for many people to be a blogger is also synonymous with wasting time, and if you analyze this activity with that mentality, of course, anyone who writes a blog like hobbies is basically spending time, as in any other recreational or even professional business.

But not every blogger is wasting his time when he is blogging, and this depends, as in everything, on the vision with which the person who sits down to write a blog carries out this activity; but this happens just as in other professions or activities and depending on the approach with which the person performs them can be done professionally or as a mere hobby.

Just think about the designer’s activity, and when he’s designing something on the computer for the mere playful event, he’s definitely wasting his time, but he’s also doing it commercially. In the same way, it happens to the blogger, and there are many and many who daily update their blog once a week or even a month, with more or less large communities; however, for them writing about any subject is a hobby, one that helps them share their ideas.

But some bloggers do it professionally; some receive payment for it, no matter that a salary is not obtained. What pro does a blogger lie in the desire, the delivery, and the way he continually updates his blog to always offer information to his regular readership?

That’s what makes the difference between the hobby and the profession, how seriously the blogger takes his job to blog, to write, and to share information across the web.

Sports Fans

Sport is a matter of passion for many people around the world, it is a matter of distraction for others, it gathers millions to watch the games, and there is for any taste, however, as for everything in this life there are people who confuse sport for its raising itself, many go from watching a game with friends to their only friends being people who would also give their lives for a team or who work for the simple fact of completely giving them their income to the sport; which sounds pretty bad.

It should be noted that this is not an exclusive problem of many countries, although there are vast cases of people like this, cases that we will discuss later, this issue goes beyond the geographical borders, in some countries there are antecedents of fans who threw pepper spray at the players of the other team inside the stadium simply and simply because they are of the other side, the only good thing that came out of this is that the body responsible punished the team for the acts of its hobby and eliminated them from the contest.

However, the issue is not what happened next, but the thought process that a person has to follow for these acts of violence and crime to be present in what is presumed to be a family show. As I mentioned in my last article, there is a tremendous educational gap in the sports industry, as anyone becomes an expert without a university degree, or journalist without credentials, etc.