Orchard Mason Bees In Tubes

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These are the natal tubes in which the Orchard Mason Bees nested last spring. Our “System” tubes were set out in bundles and filled by the nesting bees. In fall the liners, now containing the mature hibernating new bees are slipped out of the guard tubes, counted, slipped into clean guard tubes for protection and stored awaiting shipment to you. If you are using our “System Nesters” simply remove a few tubes from your “Nester” and replace them with these bee filled ones. For wooden blocks, use a rubber band to attach the filled tubes to the side of your block. Set it out in the spring and the bees will do the rest. Each tube set contains 20 bees, our recommended size for starting a colony. Do not split up the sets as not all bees survive to emerge and it takes the full set to ensure that enough emerge for you to get a good colony going. Supply of bees is limited to stock on hand. We are shipping them now and ship until spring or until the supply runs out.