About Knox Cellars

Brian and Lisa in People Magazine!

Knox Cellars started out as Brian Griffin’s retirement hobby, which quickly grew out of control. By 1992 an innocent study into the life of the Orchard Mason bee had turned into a full time business operation and Brian’s daughter Lisa Novich joined the company. The pair worked together to spread a safer (less stinger filled) way to pollinate until Brian went back into retirement in 2004. In 2011 Lisa also passed down the company to the next generation. Currently her oldest son is in charge of the business.

What started in a backyard in Bellingham, WA moved down to a small suburban town called Sammamish when Lisa took over. When Lisa suddenly got moved to northern Canada for her husband’s job, the business got split to multiple family members in Seattle and even back to Bellingham, WA. This has since settled down, and Knox Cellars is currently run from Oak Harbor by Kyle and Shauna.

Our own Brian Griffin started the line of products by writing the book The Orchard Mason Bee, which you can find in our online store. We now produce a number of book, habitats, and accessories for the Orchard Mason bee and some close relatives and deliver across the country. You can order these products for your own garden or orchard by ordering through the online store on this website, printing and filling out the mail or fax forms and sending them in, or visiting one of the many retail outlets that carry our product.


We only ship bees from November until spring, but we ship all the rest of our products year round. If you are new to raising bees, we highly recommend you buy one of the books available in the store or read through some of the old Urban Farmer newsletters. You can also check the FAQ section for answers to common questions our customers have. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, you can contact us and we will respond as soon as we can. Please be aware that during the winter business gets pretty backed up, and we only have one person answering all of your emails, so please give a few days for a response.


Please note: we are not bee keepers and we do not deal with wasps. We will not come remove bees from your residence. If you are having bee problems, please call your local exterminator